In Motion


music entirely improvised by:
François Carrier – alto saxophone
Michel Lambert – drums
Alexey Lapin – piano

Live recording in St. Petersburg, Russia on December 21, 2010
Sound and mastering by Alexey Lapin
Produced by François Carrier



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François Carrier, Michel Lambert, Alexey Lapin - In Motion (Leo, 2012) ****

"In Motion" was recorded on December 21st 2010, also in St. Petersburg and is clearly my favorite of the three performances. Possibly because it's the third night in a row that the trio has played. In any case, the trio starts with full poweron the opening track "This Grand?", with a fierce breaking rhythm propulsingthe musicians forward, yet halfway the piece the tempo slows down for some incredibly incantational playing by Carrier, repeating the same phrase, turning it, changing it, screaming it, whispering it, coming back to it, like a musical prayer to the universe only to be followed by Lapin's strange language on the piano, awonderful mixture of classical and jazz, percussive and fluent at the same time, agreat background for Carrier to then use his Coltrane legacy for some expansive jubilating phrases. Just beautiful.

"Is He?", the second track has a title fitting the hesitating and less dense mood ofthe piece, which is quite nebulous and eery, with light touches and higher tones and lower volume. "About To Go" is more playful, joyous even, and the last track "Love In Space", adds more drama, with Lambert being instrumental in the mixed percussive approach of hard hits and subtle cymbal work.

In short, a real treat : balanced, powerful, with three exceptional musicians at work.

I remember having seen or heard somewhere that the beginning and the end of life were in fact the same, but what do I really know? And what about the time lapsed between those two moments? I have but scattered and selective memories of my first seven years on Earth. I could not describe accurately the state of mind or soul I was in at birth; neither could I describe a future state on which my mind has no grip.

I am therefore alone here, behind these eyes, inside my head, with this show we call the world as my only distraction; a wonderful sight for my curious eyes, but an often disappointing one for my seeking soul. If only I could leave my desires aside. There seems to be a profound discrepancy between my urges and what is given to me as a horizon. I search and I find, but beauty always fades away. I search and I find, but wonder always weakens. I search and I have ceased to find. I have ceased to search… Curiosity compels me to intangible truths and I wish I could be withdrawn from the world. Have I wasted it all?

The calm of my apathetic despair, like an empty seascape, gradually turns into meditation. I take the time to feel the energy surrounding me and coming through me, and I am slowly reconciled with the world. This feeling is the feeling of life, of an unfettered life, of a life perceiving and recognizing itself in everything. The distinction between truth and appearances diminishes and I can finally grasp reality. Have I wasted it all? No, I couldn’t have, I am not there yet!

A new opening gives me a world of beauty, enlightening my days. I have ceased to search. I find in everything an energy that feeds my cleansed and continuously satisfied curiosity. Fragments of universal and sometimes torrential emotions overwhelm me and I float lightly in my cheerfulness. Life becomes an event of every moment, and I work as I play, and ascend as I love.

If, indeed, the start and end of life are one, the rest of life’s seemingly different parts must also be united as one. My identity has made me so numb that I have lost the ability to listen to myself and to others; but at the core of every morsel of life lays an energy that drives us and demands a life of savouring, assertiveness and growth.

There are only two universal emotions. Between love and hatred, I have found the one that will light my path. I let my heart guide my life, thus I forget, and enjoy the greatest gift of life: living.

Sébastien Carrier Quebec City, August 2011

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 2 cm