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« Out of Silence” is the masterpiece of the Carrier-Lambert duo! »

– Maciej LewensteinSpain⎪24 Deceber 2018

« The primitivism of the improvisations often alternates with extreme sophistication both feed the music’s dynamic impulse all of which results in a novelty of language that is so impressive it borders on extreme genius. »

– Raul da Gamajazzdagama⎪August 28, 2018

« Carrier’s tone is extraordinarily beautiful for a free jazz performance. Such is the imperturbable sound of a self-possessed musician. »

– Marc Corrotoall•about•jazz⎪November 17, 2017

« OUTgoing takes the listener to a bevy of new places and showcases an astonishing amount of inventiveness. »

– Chris RobinsonPoint of Departure⎪Mars 2016

« Montreal-based musicians alto saxophonist François Carrier and drummer Michel Lambert have played together and been inseparable for so long that their knowledge and understanding of each other’s instincts verge on the telepathic, »

– John EylesThe Suid’s Ear2016-06-30

Japan Suite